Young @ Heart - May The Old Folks Teach Us How To Live!

I've decided to let go of "Greeple" just long enough to laud this little documentary, Young @ Heart. I watched it in 3 separate sittings, which is why I have so little to write, but this film spoke for itself anyway. A group of elderly folks come together and build a community - that would not exist otherwise - around rock and roll music. Guess what? Life didn't stop. Mistakes were made. People died. But the music always lived on! For some reason, these folks - not one of them under the age of 80 - found a way to live life better than they ever had before: through each other and their new community.

Watch it, love it, laugh at it, and don't be afraid to cry. This receives my stamp of one of the most touching films I've ever seen. Enjoy!